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Jeanne + Kiet / Engagements

Kiet + Jeanne
This is one rad couple fully in love!

Isabelle Ta - LOVE ALL OF THEM!

Samuel Ngo - NICE!

Jenny Ngo - LOVE! good job, Jojo! :)

Geoff Duncan - Great engagement session brother! Loved everything about this one. Good fun.

Brant Smith - Money, jojo. Last image genius.

Loan Hy - Awesome work! Did you photoshop the last picture?

Lo IncitePhotography - Love it! Great job

Michelle + Trung | Wedding

Thank you Mike Tseng  ( for having me along with you to shoot this crazy off the charts wedding!
I had a lot of fun spending time with the groom and all the groomsmen.  Trung and Michelle definitely know how to throw a wedding.  I loved it!
Here’s how their day is told through my frames.

Kim Nguyen - You did an amazing job, Jojo!

Theresa Pham - I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Diana Pham-Realtor - love it!

Lori GutierrezPhotography - Amazing photos! You’re very creative

Sara + Bj | An Austin Wedding

Geoff Duncan of Geoff Duncan Photography asked me if I wanted to come down to Austin, Texas to shoot a wedding with him at Texas Old Town. This was the perfect opportunity because I had no plans that weekend. I always miss my chance to shoot with him and this weekend was it. I first met Geoff when I drove down to Austin for Jeff Newsom’s Texmageddon workshop. Despite getting energy drained from the drive down there and the blistering heat from the outdoor wedding, Geoff made the whole wedding experience worth while.  Definitely check out his work - .

As for Sara & Bj, these two awesome people made my day. Not only were they fearless at their wedding, their wedding was truly filled with love. It was an absolute blessing to be there for their day. They are definitely one of a kind and I’m happy to tell their story through my eyes.

Michael Pangilinan - I like it man!

Lestar + Franklin Engagement

 I’m so excited to be doing their wedding in September. These two are so amazing it hurts!
it started off with a kiss…

Start spreading the news

A few weeks ago Linda and I traveled to New York and New Jersey to later drive down to Pennsylvania to attend my cousin’s wedding. We try to make a trip out there to the east coast at least once or twice a year. A weekend getaway is all we need from our suburban life in Dallas and it was a blessing to our time with our wonderful friends and family.

Geoff Duncan - Great stuff brother!

Geoff - Great stuff brother!

Leslie + Jesse | Wedding: Winfrey Point

I had the honor to come along and shoot this wedding with Meagan of p31elevenphotography and Nikki Riggs. It was fun spending the day with them, they are two rockin’ chicks that love what they do and have fun doing it! Here is my set from this wedding.

The Erica Set

Johnson Khanthavongsay - Awesome u really capture the essence of a person.

Moniqua + Jarrett // Wedding

Moniqua and Jarrett
These two people are absolutely awesome. They really know how to throw a wedding. Once the music start playing, it was non stop dancing from there on out.
I was honored and blessed to be there documenting their wedding day.
Here is a quick preview of their day.


Derrick Bledsoe - congratulations.

LeStar Cofer - Your photog took awesome pictures!

LeStar Cofer - I absolutely love the pictures. You guys are such a gorgeous couple.

Dee Cofer - You all are such a beautiful couple!

Felicia House - Really wish I could have been at the wedding. You guys make a great couple. I pray all the success and happiness that you can stand! Love yall!

George Artis II - Magic…

Dee Clark - Love them all… Its a beautiful thing you guys have going on here!

Gina+Trevor // Wedding

On a rainy Feb. 18th, two people got married.
With smiles full of emotion and love, this is how their story is told.
Gina & Trevor’s wedding.


Special thanks to Brant Smith for having me along shooting this wedding with you. If you haven’t
seen this work be sure to check him out! 

Bobby Pangilinan - I like it too. Nice bro

Florante Pangilinan - It’s different and unique. I love it. Are you the sole photographer/.

London+Evan // Wedding

I was blessed to shoot along side with Brant Smith, He’s a great photographer to work with as well as all around great guy. This was our first time shooting a wedding together and It definitely won’t be our last.
Here’s London and Evan’s wedding we shot earlier this month, these are frames from my camera.



Who leaves in a helicopter? They do!!